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Nancy's Story

HI !

I'm sure we've met somewhere, but if we haven't, I'm Nancy (THE Fancy Nancy) and I'm pretty much obsessed with pottery.


My clay journey started about 6 years ago when I took a night class back in Sydney with some girlfriends for a bit of fun. I was basically hooked from the first lesson.

I've always been a hands on person and learner and am always keen to jump into something to give it a go. Pottery was just another craft that I fell in love with straight away.


After taking a years worth of classes each term I knew that I wouldn't be able to survive the 12 week break over Christmas without a wheel, so I did the only logical thing (to my brain) and trawled the internet for a second hand wheel.

I eventually found one (defs paid too much) and then I was set. Any spare minute I had, I was throwing on the wheel, attempting to keep my then kitten Indie from walking all over my wet clay pieces and loving life!

It's safe to say that my family received pottery for Christmas for the first few years!

Nancy's face next to a big vase

The thing that I loved about pottery wasn't just the making part, but having a tangible item that I could hold, touch, use, enjoy at the end of it. That's what made me fall in love with pottery, getting to make a mess each time was just a bonus!

In my previous Horticulture career I was always keen to pass on my knowledge and help others. I even completed formal training to expand my career in Horticulture.

While in the background I was still making pots like crazy, and by this stage started selling them because there was just so many!

Once we moved to Newcastle I knew that my next goal in life would be to run a ceramic studio, make pottery and teach other people how to make pottery on the wheel. 

I'm passing on my new knowledge from everything my brain has sponged from the internet and what I've put into practice over the years.

I can't wait to see you in a lesson or hear about a beverage you enjoyed in your new mug or wine cup!

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